The Advantages of Having a Home Bar

The Advantages of Having a Home Bar

The Advantages of Having a Home Bar

With barhopping posing new risks, the idea of a home bar has never been more enticing. If you are looking to enhance your at-home entertainment options, look no further than Quinn’s Mercantile for your home bar needs. Here, we’ll break down the perks of dedicating a corner of your house for your beverage-centered passion.


Long gone are the days of waking up to a depleted bank account after a fun night out. The advantages of having a home bar include saving the money you would be gratuitously spending at a bar. Pay a quarter of the price for a drink that is double the size of one you would grudgingly buy from the club. Creating drinks at home gives you an opportunity to sharpen your bartending skills while saving money. Consider a home bar a savvy financial investment for your inner mixologist.

Another incentive for having a bar in-house is that the drinks will always be up to par with your preference. There’s no disappointment like hearing a bar has run out of your favorite brew or doesn’t serve your favorite red wine. This problem disappears entirely with an in-home bar. Stocking your bar with your liquid favorites ensures it has all the necessities for a spectacular night.


Assuming the roles of both owner and bouncer, you get to decide the company you allow into your bar. Home bars negate the odds of any third parties derailing the night and nix having to compete for a bartender’s attention. Home bars are a reliable and fun form of entertainment, sure to make you the life of the party and your house the go-to spot for hanging out. Did we mention no cover charge?


Whether you’re more into the dive bar or club scene, you can have it your way with an at-home bar. One of the best advantages of having a home bar is that it is customizable to your taste. The mood is up to you and your company, making lousy bar tunes a problem of the past.

You can also set the ambiance with your selection of décor and furnishing. Trick out your home bar with some of these elegant and handy trinkets by Quinn’s Mercantile. These unique man cave gifts can amplify your bar setting’s style, making it the perfect lounge space for you and your friends. The beauty of having a home bar is that last call is on your time!

With winter upon us, the desire to stay in is stronger than ever. A home bar provides all the fun of a night out without the hassle of finding rides and paying fees. With an in-home bar topped with décor from Quinn’s Mercantile, your nights can be safe, convenient, and fun while adhering to a budget.

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