The Biggest Gift-Giving Mistakes To Avoid

The Biggest Gift-Giving Mistakes To Avoid

The Biggest Gift-Giving Mistakes To Avoid

There are numerous occasions to provide someone with a gift. Weddings, holidays, and birthdays, tend to encourage some form of gift-swapping. Sometimes, the pressure of giving the perfect gift can fog our better judgment while shopping for friends and family.

Don’tDo not overlook the biggest gift-giving mistakes to avoid this holiday season to ensure you’re providing the most cherished presents to your loved ones.


It is important to stick to a budget when shopping for others. All too often, we use special occasions to forego financial planning for the sake of a gift. Spoiling others may have good intentions, but you don’t have to sacrifice your budgeting skills.

An expensive gift doesn’t always equate to a thoughtful one, either. In fact, many people feel uneasy or obliged to spend in return when presented with a pricey gift. Finding the right present for someone is not a time to worry about coming across as stingy. Focus more on the quality and thought behind the gift, rather than seeking out a costly price tag.

Regifting Without Care

Regifting can be a convenient way to save money and get rid of clutter. It might seem obvious, but avoid regifting an item to the person who gave it to you or a mutual friend. Some gifts are more appropriate to repurpose than others, particularly those that have not been personalized or custom-made in any way. Gift cards, new clothing that does not fit you, or an unopened bottle of wine are examples of items you would be justified in regifting.

Crossing Boundaries

Some things are referred to as “personal items” for a reason. Though the purchase might be benevolent in theory, buying something like toiletries or underwear may come across as inappropriate depending on the receiver.

Using a Gift To Advertise

If you are proposing a gift to a client or employees, slapping a logo on it will come off as ingenuine and a means of free advertising. It is not a good idea. Try to find an appropriate gift that expresses your gratitude for their commitment. You can always throw in corporate swag as an add-on, but it should not be your sole display of appreciation.

Buying for Yourself

With the stress that comes with having to find the right gift, it is common to blur the lines between what the receiver wants versus what you want. Brainstorm items with mutual friends to keep you focused on purchasing an accurate present and keeping your own wish list out of sight for now.

Similarly, avoid buying anything considered specific to taste. For example, a certain perfume or lipstick shade might be your favorite stocking-stuffer, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to suit the person you want to gift it to. Consider your choice carefully. Style is subjective. Prevent yourself from buying one of your favorites on the assumption it is an item anyone and everyone will like.

Impersonal Gifts

Some practical gifts are more welcomed than others. It is common to resort to practicality when struggling to devise a unique present. However, sticking to average items may produce the notion that you aren’t mindful of your gift-selecting process.

Selecting an “easy” gift can potentially indicate your purchase was thoughtless. Opting for an item such as a gift card might be helpful, but not personal. Take the extra step of searching for an item that reminds you of them or is something you genuinely believe they would appreciate.

Also, keep in mind the subject matter of the gift. If the item relates to promoting a change of the individual, whether it be physical or otherwise, there is a good chance it will read as offensive to the receiver.

Relying on Marketing

The influence that advertisements have on consumers is real; the holiday season is a prime example of that dynamic. We are battered with overwhelming messages from various brands and businesses, each vying for our attention with an abundance of must-have gifts. Make a list prior to shopping so you don’t get disrupted when looking for gifts or searching online.

Inconvenient Gifts

One of the biggest gift-giving mistakes to avoid is purchasing something that makes a solid gift in theory but is not quite practical for the person receiving it. For example, when buying for expecting parents, selecting an assortment of onesies or nursery decor is going to be a lot more appropriate than looking ahead and gifting a bicycle for toddlers. Buying an inconvenient gift can be cumbersome for the receiver, as they are now responsible for an item they cannot or will not use.

Don’t give someone a pet, especially if it’s unclear whether or not they can handle it. It isn’t easy to accommodate to a new creature in one’s environment. Pets are a huge commitment to weave into one’s lifestyle and, unfortunately, are often returned or offered for adoption shortly after the holidays.


Gift-giving shouldn’t be competitive. Comparing gifts given and received can develop an unnecessary feeling of rivalry, subtracting how special sharing gifts can be. Recognizing the time and thought put into a gift should always prioritize its financial value.


If you wait until the last minute to find a suitable gift, you increase your chances of resorting to snatching something arbitrary off a store shelf in a hurry. Procrastination will really put the pressure on when seeking a gift, so it’s best to organize a shopping plan that includes spare time.

You also want to ensure you’re providing enough time for a gift to be delivered, assembled, and wrapped. Avoid putting yourself through additional, unnecessary stress by giving yourself plenty of time to get the perfect gift.

Almost everyone experiences anxieties about gift-giving. Many of us want to offer memorable gifts that are fondly remembered for years. Let this list guide you on your many journeys of finding ideal gifts. For all occasions, look to Quinn’s Mercantile. From seasonal options to special baby shower gifts, you are bound to find the prime gift without the hassle.

Gift-Giving Mistakes To Avoid

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