The Do’s and Don’ts of Teacher Gifts

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teacher Gifts

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teacher Gifts
Just because many schools switched to virtual e-learning doesn’t mean you should ignore your child’s teacher when the year comes to a close. They work the entire year to create a classroom conducive to honest questions, consistent learning, and personal growth. Send a gift over to them that acknowledges their tireless work. For tips on doing this, here are the do’s and don’ts of teacher gifts.

Teachers Covet Gift Cards

Teachers and parents typically don’t get to know each other really well. For this reason, your gift has a lower chance of flopping if you buy your child’s teacher a gift card. A general gift card to a popular store or local eatery gives them the ability to spend it on what they please. This way, they get something they like for sure and also don’t worry about using or eating a perishable gift by a certain time. Also, a gift card doesn’t take up much space—one unexpected part of receiving year-end gifts is creating space to store all the nice goodies.

They Like Student-Made Gifts Even More

We know this one may start an argument, but prompting your child to make their teacher something nice—a card, drawing, mug, or even a T-shirt—does wonders. When it comes down to it, your child is the one their teacher has a relationship with. So suggest this to your child. They’re more likely to do it if they really like their teacher, but also if you give them freedom to pick their project. Pressuring them to draw a picture they don’t want to draw won’t end well, but something they make from the heart may win a place on the teacher’s desk for the next decade (no joke).

Buy Something for the Classroom, Not Home

The do’s and don’ts of teacher gifts also include buying things for their classroom rather than their home. While many teachers would appreciate at-home decorations, the overwhelming majority appreciate pieces that fill out their classroom. Rather than take up space at home, these items stay at school. To get specific, think through your teacher’s room theme. If they’re a science teacher who loves everything green, buy her or him a class plant—maybe future students can water it and watch it grow. If they teach physics, consider buying a Newton’s cradle to adorn their desk and demonstrate the laws of physics. Your options abound.

If you want something specific to fit a teacher’s classroom or simply a unique item they don’t typically get, consider visiting Quinn’s Mercantile online. We’re a gift shop in Murfreesboro, TN, with an incredible stock of artisan décor and gift items to peruse.

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