The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Gift-Giving

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Gift-Giving

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Gift-Giving

With the scent of pine filling the air and Christmas movie classics on repeat, the excitement of the holidays is all around. Preparation for the December 25 is almost in full swing, with décor up and traditional recipes at the ready.

If you’re like us, you know that planning for the holidays is essential. That is why Quinn’s Mercantile has created the ultimate guide to Christmas gift-giving to assist you with all your gift-seeking ventures this year. Aside from making your home feel like a winter wonderland, it is important to plan gifts for your loved ones as soon as possible during the holiday season.

Make Your List!

A list is one of the most critical parts of ensuring a smooth holiday shopping operation. In the ultimate guide to Christmas gift-giving, we have broken down gift ideas according to the receiver to help you get brainstorming. With our diverse collection of home goods, unique vintage gifts, pet items, and more, you are sure to find something for everyone.

Gifts for Children and Teens

Does it feel like, with each passing year, your child gets just a little harder to shop for around the holidays? Not to fret! We have some stellar gift ideas, spanning from youngsters to teens, to help you manage the perfect gift for your child, regardless of their age.

Young Kids

With younger children, you’ll need to mind the age recommendations on toys. Most toys are designed for a specific age range, as they pose hazards to children who fall below that range. With that in mind, consider these gifts for your child:

  • A mini trampoline – Give your child the chance to expend some energy with a mini indoor trampoline. You can even benefit from jumping on one of these to combat mid-workday slumps!
  • Crafting supplies – Support your kid’s creative endeavors by supplying them with crafting supplies. Popular options include crayons, markers, colorful string for friendship bracelets, or even clay mold kits.
  • Instruments – Foster your child’s musical tendencies with a child-appropriate instrument. That way, you can gauge their interest before you invest in lessons.


If you are struggling to come up with the best gift for your teen, we’ve compiled a list of items they are sure to love:

  • Portable charger or long charging cord – For the tech-savvy teens, a well-charged device is essential. With a portable charger or a ten-foot-plus charging cord, you’ll provide your teen with all the convenience they need for online streaming.
  • Bluetooth speaker – A speaker is the perfect addition to a teen’s room. The portability of Bluetooth speakers allows your family to take it along on any bike rides or park trips.
  • Makeup kit – If your teen has taken an interest in the world of beauty vlogging, support their passion by putting a makeup brush kit under the tree this year.

Gifts for Your Friends

Treat your friends to memorable gifts they are sure to love.

For your rustic or old-fashioned pal, review our distinctive vintage finds. Whether they prefer a rustic kitchen or antique-looking bedroom, you will find unique items that will enhance any room in your friend’s home.

Give the gift of looking back on precious times by compiling old memories into a photo album. Leave a few of the laminated pages empty for future experiences.

Is your friend (rightfully) obsessed with their dog or cat? Commission an artist to create a portrait of your bestie’s furry friend. And if you share just as much love for your own pets, we’ve got gift ideas for them, too!

Furry Babies

Show your furry bundle of joy some extra love this holiday season by putting its presents under the tree this year. An upgraded bed and a new harness are a couple of items that maximize comfort for your furry baby. Splurge on extra savory treats and durable toys to put your pet in the Christmas spirit.

Get Ready To Shop the Right Way

With your list in tow, you’re ready to conquer the shops. Whether you’re partaking in online or in-person shopping this year, make sure to consider the following to prevent an overwhelming experience.

Make a Budget

Before you head to the digital or physical store, set a budget for your gift endeavors. You don’t have to sacrifice your financial well-being to accommodate everyone on your gift list. Foregoing a budget will only exacerbate any holiday stress and leave you financially strained heading into the new year.

Score Deals When Possible

Lots of businesses create win-win scenarios around the holidays with promotional discounts. With an influx of shopping around Christmastime, stores push holiday deals to attract new customers. Seeking out discounts will help to make your budget manageable.

There are tons of deals you can score come the Friday right after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. If you prefer to stay home that day, discounts are still available! The Monday following Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday, which is like Black Friday for online shoppers. If you want access to valuable deals from the comfort of your own home, participating in Cyber Monday is the way to go.

If you are looking for an additional way to save money this season, try out web browser add-ons and websites designed to track items’ prices. Add-ons like Honey search for discount and promo codes to add while you are at checkout online. Price-tracking sites can notify you when a bookmarked item has dropped in price. These additional tools are easy and strategic ways to save extra cash over Christmas.

Set a Plan and Don’t Procrastinate

Establish a course of action when it comes time to shop. Choose which stores you will be hitting in what order to promote the most productive trip. Try to get all your gift-shopping done in as few trips as possible to avoid any additional spending on gas and random gifts.

It is best to get ahead on Christmas shopping when possible. Waiting until the last minute to purchase and wrap all your gifts will take away from the excitement and add stress. Plus, planning ahead will also ensure that online orders arrive in time for the holiday.

Be Well

Quinn’s Mercantile cares for its customers, and we understand that, as much as Christmas brings joy and cheer, it can get very stressful. Be sure to reflect on how you’re feeling throughout the hustle and bustle of the season. Manage your holiday stress levels with some alone time, and don’t shy away from gifting yourself an item or two!

Kickstart your Christmas shopping plan by exploring all that Quinn’s Mercantile has to offer. Our vast catalog of home décor is sure to help you find the optimal gifts for all your favorite people.

The Ultimate Guide To Christmas Gift-Giving

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