Top Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

Top Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

Top Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

A gift, something freely given to someone else, affects both the giver and the receiver significantly. There’s something about that transfer—from grandparent to grandchild or between spouses—that is truly beautiful. The grandparent gives out of love for their grandchild—maybe a piece of art or a baseball mitt to inspire an interest in their grandchild. The grandchild cracks a smile and looks at the gift in wonder. This is how gifts pass down little parts of us and connect people. At the same time, spouses give out of a love that implies total mutual knowledge of each other. One may buy a vintage piece of furniture for the other in just the style they’ve each dreamed of adopting in their home. This is part of how two loving people build a life together, with this piece front and center for years to come.

While the power of gift-giving lies there, the reasons for these loving transfers vary widely. There are many times in the year when a grandparent may give their grandchild something, while spouses have even more occasions for giving. If you recognize them, there are many occasions to even give to relative strangers, to show your appreciation or to help them out. Read through our top reasons to give someone a gift for a complete list of times when you can unleash your generosity and bless others.

Because You Want to

The first comes as a warning of sorts—give when you want to. Don’t let your altruistic impulse cease because it’s August and there isn’t a conveniently placed holiday in the next few weeks. If you only give when there’s a party planned for a structured day, you begin to lose your tendencies toward spontaneous love and appreciation and give because it’s expected rather than because you want to. If you want to give from your heart, be sure to practice spontaneous giving. Let that impulse grow and change, and you’ll find yourself becoming a more generous person who partakes in these schemes of kindness more often.

To Put Others First

The reason you should strive to feed your spontaneous side is so you can continually put others first. On the whole, giving a gift, unless selfishly done, forces your thoughts off yourself and brings another person to your mind. It’s good to practice being focused on others because we tend toward self-centeredness as a default. So empty that online cart of things you’ve been hankering for and fill it even higher with gifts for those you know. And as you do it, hold that person in your head, all their likes and dislikes and life goals. You may come to know them better as you try to find them something that fits them well. That alone makes gift-giving worth it, apart from how the other person benefits from it.

They Appreciate Others’ Gift Giving

An appropriately timed gift allows you to put others first, but some people react even more favorably to a well-given gift than others. Gary Chapman, the author of The 5 Love Languages, points out key ways he notices people like to receive love—and one is through receiving a gift. While some people really value others’ words of affirmation, those who crave gifts aren’t just material girls or guys who want something uber-expensive. They react well to a perfectly timed, thoughtfully chosen, and creative gift that permanently signifies their relationship with the giver. If you know someone who highly values a good gift, consider putting your efforts there to forge a deeper bond and show them how well you know them.

When Someone Needs Something

One reason to give someone a gift that you may not immediately think of is to meet a need. Typically, we only think of a gift as something unnecessary that a loved one would appreciate using. Think how much sweeter giving meals or childcare to a friend who recently lost their job would be. Giving any kind of necessity deepens your relationship with someone far more than a gift that they could live without. Consider giving during others’ trying times and also broaden how you think of gifts.

As a Thank-You

Another occasion for giving is when you owe someone your thanks. The reason for this really ranges—you could be thanking your parents for raising you from a wee child to an adult or thanking a coworker for advocating for you. Whether you’re thanking someone for a lifetime of selflessness or for a one-time act of kindness, thanking them with a gift works well. Of course, you’ll want to go all out when showing your appreciation for your parents, perhaps gifting them a weekend getaway. Meanwhile, a heartfelt card and accompanying gift card may fit a one-time act like your coworker’s kindness.

It’s Their Special Day

Of course, if a special day is coming up for a loved one, then a gift is absolutely a good idea. There are so many special times throughout someone’s life—their birthday, first day of school, graduation, first job, wedding and anniversaries, and retirement. Commemorate them with an occasion-specific book, night out, letter, or fun activity—whatever they will cherish the most. Make them feel like the most important person in the world on these days by knocking them off their feet with a surprisingly fitting gift.

It’s Holiday Time

Holidays are special gifting days for more than just one person. There are several hallmark gift-giving days including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s and Father’s Day. While giving for holidays can be stressful and seem like you’re doing it out of obligation, just take time to breathe and consider the gift recipient. It’s really as simple as that. As long as you put genuine thought into the person when choosing something, you can put all the accompanying stress aside. That way, you can cut through the holiday noise and make a statement of your love or appreciation that allows the recipient to feel valued.

Truly, no matter the reason or occasion, giving a great gift makes a significant impression on the person receiving it and helps them commemorate the occasion. If you’re looking to find a special gift now, Quinn’s Mercantile is a unique Tennessee gift shop that has a wide selection. We offer vintage décor and furniture as well as artisan-crafted gifts dedicated to all kinds of holidays and special times. Please peruse our website or perhaps plan to visit us sometime in the future in Mufreesboro, Tennessee.

Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

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