Tricks for Treats

Tricks for Treats

dog on Halloween


We love our pets here at Quinn's Mercantile. We have an assortment of pet items that will get your furry friends wanting to do Tricks for Treats.

Have trouble getting your furry friends to sit for photos? Check out our Kitty Phone Clip or the Woofie Pet Photo Tool. These are sure to make your pet photos easier to capture.

We carry an assortment of dog and cat tags that are sure to match your pet's personality. 

Our pets are so smart, they know exactly where we keep their treats. Make sure they are in a safe place like this treat jar.

We don't want our animal friends to get into the Halloween candy. So, for our dogs we have peanut butter or cheese treats, and jerky treats. And for our cats we have a cheese treat that will make them purr.

Check out our other toys and goodies for pets and pet lovers.

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