Sometimes You Just Need More Coffee

Sometimes You Just Need More Coffee

Sometimes You Just Need More Coffee. Here at Quinn's we love coffee! We are pretty sure that you love coffee, or at least know someone who does. If you are looking for the next mug to add to your collection or a fun gift for a friend, we have some great options. 

Locally Roasted Coffee Beans

We sell locally roasted coffee beans from Brasshorn Coffee Roasters. They are located just a few blocks from us in downtown Murfreesboro and have such amazing coffee. We get fresh batches delivered to us weekly so the coffee is always fresh. Try the any of the special blends we carry, they are smooth and never bitter. 

Coffee Scoop

This colorful Coffee Scoop will brighten up your mornings. This would make a great gift, paired with a mug and bag of fresh coffee beans.


Choose between a Dog or Cat Creamer. These mini porcelain creamers are perfect for any coffee or tea service, and make a great gift for pet lovers.

Milk & Sugar Sets

These sweet Milk & Sugar Sets come in beautiful colors and are perfect for your coffee time.

Stuff Every Coffee Lover Should Know

This fun book is for anyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee. This small book is packed with information from Coffee 101, to the history, anatomy, freshness of coffee to special espresso drinks and cocktails.


Let everyone know your true feelings about coffee with these fun coffee stickers. The are waterproof so add them to your thermos or travel mug.


Who doesn't love a good mug? Choose one that fits your personality or gift one to a coffee loving friend.

Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or know someone who is, we have a great selection of coffee-themed gifts. Sometimes You Just Need More Coffee.

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