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The Little Book of Otter Philosophy

The Little Book of Otter Philosophy

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The Little Book of Otter Philosophy. Otters are some of the most delightful animals on the planet.

These long, lean, furry creatures embody pure joy in so many ways they live for napping, playing, making friends and eating, and forget about the rest. Pretty inspiring, right?

In a world that can often seem divided, lonely, and just plain cruel, the otter reminds us of whats important in life.

What other animal:
Holds hands with their friends whilst napping so they dont float away?
Communicates in a flurry of whistles, chirps, chuckles, clicks and coos?
Builds a waterslide on a daily basis?
Befriends other species, just because?
Eats food off their tummy while floating peacefully with their pals?

These intelligent, adorable, water-dwelling mammals have a lot to teach us about the way we live. So, kick back, grab a pal, dive in and reconnect with your playful side, just like you otter!

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